We build mountainbike trails and pump tracks

Our vision is a safe, sustainable and progressive infrastructure for all levels of knowledge

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What we build

Bike Park

Bike park

Bike park includes different trails and depends on what you want to get from it. We help you with new trails in the existing park, set up the brand, or build a new park with everything you need to run it.

Flow line

Flow and jump line

The flow line consists of rollers, berms and table top jumps, that can be ridden by beginners who can work on their skills and progress. On the other hand, the jump line is a more advanced line with usually bigger jumps and possible gaps in-between.



The trail can be different based on what terrain offers us. It can be easy, with minimal natural objects, or advanced with rocks and roots. We aim to create it in a way that many riders enjoy riding.



Pumptrack is the basis to gain motor skills. Depending on the surface, it's suitable for bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and similar sports equipment.


Our way of work

Safe trails

Our main priority is the safety of bikers on the trails. We always adapt to the terrain and the needs of your park.

Lasting solutions

Low maintenance costs with good planning, drainage and construction of durable lines.

For all levels of knowledge

We like to build all kinds of trails of different levels and also the ones that cover it all.

Tomas Slavik on Flat Out Days 2019
“The children couldn't wait for the opening, as the pumptrack was full two days before, which is something you don't see every day. You have made a top product that we are proud of!”

Municipality of Litija

Pumptrack Litija

Tomas Slavik on Flat Out Days 2019
“Dedication. Input of energy and eye for details. Area around the trail that doesn't look like a construction site. Whatever was not important, they updated it anyway and made sure the whole project looks nice. Dare to create such jumps, where you don't know until the end if this is going to work.”

Igor Kaligarič - Trail builder in Kočevje

Jump line and Flat out days line in MTB trail center Kočevje

Filip Flisar and Tomas Slavik on Flat Out Days 2019
“Flisar: I have to say that the organizes did an incredible job creating such a phenomenal track here in Slovenia. Slavik: It's one of the best dual slalom tracks i've ever been riding to. I would have to compare it to Crankworx or Sea Otter Classic which is a big deal race.”

Filip Flisar and Tomas Slavik

Dual Slalom in Bike Park Ljubljana

Flat out days

Our dream project since 2017

Bienvenido Aguado doing a frontflip on Flat out days